China Mainland Tipper Truck and Dump Truck

China Mainland Tipper Truck and Dump Truck


                  shacman F3000 6X4 dump truck tires


      1.Cummins core electrical power up grade, Quick twin centre shaft composition gearbox, HanDe substantial ratio single phase axle, automobile power increased by 20%, Cummins ISM engine  

2. Substantial efficiency: Enhanced muffler, improved ground clearance, new exhaust technique layout, most affordable centre of gravity, new stabilizing technology  

 3. Armed forces grade chassis, bolstered driver taxi, upgraded oil bathtub kind air filter, strengthened transmission shaft, improved cab entrance suspension, new entrance axle stabilizer bar and muffler, imported taxi turning shaft, off road racing good quality cab damping spring

  4. Experienced electricity shipping program, elevated general performance, higher uptime, reduce servicing cost


    No make a difference what the work involves, our certified professionals can aid you decide out the ideal car.

China Mainland Tipper Truck and Dump Truck