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SG Single -screw Plastic Extruder Gearbox Collection
SG gearbox sequence are transmission products, which are specially made for single -screw extruder with high precision, hard equipment surface area, accompany with thrust, Adopting the technical speciations stipulated in JB/T9050.1-1999, all SG gearbox are made accordingly.
Primary attributes:
one. The material of gear is the large toughness alloy metal. It is made by carburizing ang quenching (and other heat remedy ), grinding processing at final. The equipment is in large precision(6 grade)and large hardness(get to HRC54-62). In addition to, it features minimal noise when operation.
2. It is made up of high bearing capability thrust which is performed dependable and can withstand bigger axial thrust.
3. All the item are treatment by force lubrication and cooling system except quite tiny speciations products.
four. ZLYJ sequence gearbox is adopted by six-side processing box. Its normal installation is horizontal, but also can be changer to vertical installation in accordance to CZPT er necessity.
5. Efficiency transmission, minimal sound CZPT procedure time.
Assess with other folks ZLYJ series SG sequence shape desige are far more concise, nore beautifuland a lot more practial, It can be mounted much more easy. Saves manufacturing expense and procedure basically

Planetary gearboxes are utilized in different occasions in which high effectiveness and large reduction ratio are essential in a modest space. That includes higher precision and large torque-to-quantity ratio, it is best for torque enhance, deceleration, precise positioning and manage of regenerative machinery. To guarantee that the picked planetary gearbox is the best match for your application, it is crucial to take into account parameters these kinds of as torque, backlash and gear ratios when deciding on a planetary gearbox.
china shop Sg Series of Gearbox manufacturers