china supplier Udl Variable Speed Reducer Coaxial Stepless Variator Gearbox manufacturers

Item Description


Electricity Model Ratio Output CZPT (n2)* Output Torque Output Shaft Dia. Output Flange Dia.
.18KW UDL0.18 one.6~8.two 880~170r/min 1.5~3N.m Φ11 Φ140
.37KW UDL0.37 1.4~seven a thousand~200r/min three~6N.m Φ14 Φ160
.55KW UDL0.fifty five one.4~seven a thousand~200r/min four~8N.m Φ19 Φ200
.75KW UDL0.seventy five one.4~seven 1000~200r/min six~12N.m Φ19 Φ200
1.1KW UD1.1 one.4~7 a thousand~200r/min nine~18N.m Φ24 Φ200
one.5KW UD1.five 1.4~seven one thousand~200r/min 12~24N.m Φ24 Φ200
two.2KW UD2.2 1.4~seven 1000~200r/min eighteen~36N.m Φ28 Φ250
3.0KW UD3. one.4~seven a thousand~200r/min 24~48N.m Φ28 Φ250
four.0KW UD4. 1.4~7 one thousand~200r/min 32~64N.m Φ28 Φ250
five.5KW UD5.five 1.4~7 1000~200r/min forty five~90N.m Φ38 Φ300
7.5KW UD7.five 1.4~seven 1000~200r/min 59~118N.m Φ38 Φ300

* Input CZPT n1=1400r/min
Set up:
B3 Foot-mounted
B5 Flange-mounted

Product functions: 
one.Adjustable speed accuracy can be .5~1 r/min
two.Massive speed modifying assortment, ratio modify from 1.4:1 to 7:one
three.Large energy and CZPT services lifestyle
four.Handy to change velocity
5.Continuously managing with Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, easy working, secure functionality and minimal sound
6.Full sealing and suitable for any setting
7.Produced of high-good quality aluminum alloy die-casting, stunning appearance, light-weight weight, in no way rust
8.Can be mixed with other types of gearboxes (This sort of as R Collection, K Series, F Series, S Series, RV Collection, cycloid reducers)



(1) With superb top quality and Realistic value

(2) CZPT to supply on time

(3) Secure, reputable, economical and durable

(4) Steady transmission, tranquil operation

(5) CZPT heat-radiating effectiveness, large carrying ability

(6) CZPT y product should be tested just before sending


Equipment reducers, also referred to as reducers, occur in a number of transmission types and are created to multiply torque and lessen input speed to a preferred output pace. The primary reward of inline gearboxes is their potential to preserve management in applications involving substantial rotational speeds. Their efficiency and ability to supply higher enter speeds with minimal backlash make inline reducer gearboxes excellent for a vast selection of movement management applications
china supplier Udl Variable Speed Reducer Coaxial Stepless Variator Gearbox manufacturers