Pipe Tube CNC System Plasma Flame Cutting Machine

Pipe Tube CNC System Plasma Flame Cutting Machine

CZPT Attributes:

one.The design of the total equipment is realistic, handy and simple to function. The end body human body is pushed by 4 rollers, and the heart of gravity is secure, guaranteeing good dynamic balance. All welded components are treated by integral annealing and stress aid, which effectively prevents structural deformation.
two.The vertical and horizontal transmission adopts high-precision rack and pinion meshing, coupled with the imported precision planetary gearbox for deceleration, showcasing higher output torque, minimal noise and prolonged lifestyle lubrication, therefore attaining higher precision positioning transmission. CZPT quality grinding, tough tooth area (carburizing quenching) shaft gear. The transmission mechanism is a daily life-span system.
3. The mechanical transmission technique adopts the precision rolling bearing and the precision of the gear and the rack with the machining precision of the national CZPT. The push program adopts imported ZheJiang CZPT reducer, and its input and output error is only 16 arc minutes. At the same time, in the horizontal and vertical equipment transmission structure, the unit for routinely compensating the gap is included, so that the transmission construction can precisely execute the CNC program. instruction.

The Main CZPT parameter:


No.               Item                  parameter
one Successful reducing range(mm) 9000mm
2 Diameter reducing range (mm) Ф60mm~Ф500mm
3 Enter voltage 220±10%V  AC 50HZ/60HZ 220W
four The electrical power About 1000W
five Rated rotate speed -15rpm(CZPT)
6 Reset precision ±0.2mm/m
seven Ovality of the pipe ≤2%
8  Working precision ±0.2mm/m
9 The axles amount 6 axle 5 linkage
ten The measurement of the chuck five hundred#
eleven The lifting assortment 400mm
12       The max pipe weight 1500KG
thirteen Plasma cutting thickness   According to the energy source
fourteen The gas for the flame oxygen+ethyne/oxygen+propane
15 The thickness of the tube wall for flame cutting 5mm~50mm(pick)
16 Fuel prssure ≤0.08MP
seventeen        Oxygen strain ≤1.0MP
18 Chopping desk    We source the drawing for client to make

Doing work Problems:

No. content
1 Energy supply ability: no significantly less than  40 KVA


Power supply ask for:
(2) Three-stage voltage security is considerably less than ± 5%
      3-phase electricity imbalance is significantly less than 2.five%
(3) It is recommended to use a controlled power source if the earlier mentioned electrical power needs are not met.
Observe: The energy source voltage is not allowed to bounce and abruptly energy off, in any other case it will cause injury to the gear and numerical control technique and plasma electrical power provide it need to have excellent grounding (grounding resistance is much less than ten ohms).
three Plasma power working gasoline and auxiliary gas for reducing:
Functioning gas: air oxygen
four Slicing pipe: clean, flat, uniform rolling, elliptical deviation ≤ 1%, to accomplish ISO CZPTs.
five CNC chopping device installed airport and environment demands:
(1) Temperature need: -ten-fifty ° C (2) Humidity necessity: <90% without condensation
(3) The website need to fully meet up with the equipment placement demands. It is recommended to isolate the plasma electrical power supply to keep away from interference from the plasma electrical power source to the technique.
6 CZPT operators should have a higher faculty or specialized CZPTary school stage, and need to have experience in functioning personal computers and basic CNC equipment resources tools ought to be geared up with a programming pc.



Pipe Tube CNC System Plasma Flame Cutting Machine