Programmable Vibration Test System

Programmable Vibration Test System

Programmable Vibration Check System

Item Introduction:
CZPTtromagnetic vibration desk is extensively used in defense, aviation, aerospace, communications, electronics, cars, house appliances, and other industries. This sort of tools is employed for exploring the early faults, simulating the actual operating situation and the structure strength examination, the product application is extensive, the application width is apparent, the take a look at effect is impressive and reputable. Sine wave, FM, sweep, programmable, frequency multiplier, logarithm, greatest acceleration, amplitude modulation, time manage, entire operate computer manage, easy mounted acceleration/fastened amplitude. CZPT via constant failure to operate 3 months of screening, steady efficiency, trustworthy top quality.

1.CZPT mute operate
two.The equipment base uses the high good quality material, installs conveniently, the operation is easy, does not want to put in the The, the handle circuit digitization manage and the display frequency, the PID adjusts the function, brings about the tools work to be more steady, dependable, sweeps the frequency and the set frequency procedure way, adapts to the various profession take a look at request To solve the interference of the sturdy electromagnetic discipline to the manage circuit.
3.Boost the doing work time set, so that the test item reaches the accurate test time.

How to use:
one, the control manual to total the method
2, these kinds of as Operation error so that can not function, you can use the restoration method of the steps of the enter, and then set a single team or other running steps.
3, before use to push the external begin change, appears COO specifically lets go, opens the essential.
4, CZPT Human body:
one) The desk entire body foot sleeve as considerably as attainable fastened
two) power offer on/perform in the output line can not be unplugged
three) Place the amount as considerably as achievable
four) components can be transformed, the line should not be changed or from the connection.
five) The ZheJiang human body need to not be all or part of the reorganization, only according to specifications for a one part and with the CZPT affirmation password.
five, the amplitude inside of the code
one) Do not adjust way too massive just before or following the boot
two) lower-crucial amplitude of high amplitude modulation
three) Handle Panel Amplitude Knob placed in the center situation take a look at products: positioned to concentrate on the primary point, decrease the still left flat correct.
4) control Box: Can not be positioned on the top or underground operation
6, Inside Code:
1) reset when managing or functioning incorrectly
two) Manage The Reset method phase, every single inside code only established a single time to help save can
3 generally must use the inner code can not be established randomly
7, Control Box:
one) The connecting line of the human body have to be locked tightly after hanging
two) the vibration course change and the output connection line are correspondence, can not hook up the incorrect
8, testing: Non-particular examination need to use full wave take a look at
9, the machine body can not make the collision sound, the upper and decrease centre axis mutual contact will lead to the spring steel piece rupture to be immediately shut down, amplitude modulation is altered tiny then turns on.
ten, Focus:
1) The use of computer versions can not be utilized for shaking desk handle
2) can not reload the driver
three) for the Ista-ia take a look at, the operator to shield the sample, to stop the check pieces slide out of the table
four) gear gearbox alternative routinely
5) Cut off all electricity when not working, keep clean 5, non-staff can not operate at will
six)Do not arbitrarily change inside parts and traces


Sine drive (peak) 30kN
Shock drive (peak) 60 kN
Frequency selection five~2,600 Hz
Displacement (ongoing) one hundred mm
Max. Velocity 1.8 m/s
Max. Acceleration 75 G
Armature Diameter 445 mm
1st buy resonant frequency two,400 Hz
Allowable eccentric moment >500 Nxm
Armature bodyweight 40 kg
HE/ST screw dimension M10 (metric)
Axial vibration isolation frequency <3 Hz
Max. Payload five hundred kg
CZPTic flux leakage ≤1 mT
Dimensions (L×W×H, unpacked) 1,330x860x1,250 mm
Weight (unpacked) two,500 kg
Installation CZPT mat (anchor bolts essential)
Power Amplifier
Amplifier output 30 kVA
SNR >65 dB
Rated output voltage one hundred twenty Vrms
Amplifier performance > ninety%
Proportions (L×W×H, unpacked) 800x900x2,a hundred mm
Weight (unpacked) five hundred kg
Air volume .46 mthree/s
Energy seven.five kW
Air duct diameter two hundred mm
Air stress 8.8kPa
Set up Capable to link to ceiling (up to two ninety degree bends), max 20′ run
Horizontal Slip Table 
Proportions 600×600 mm
Thickness forty five mm
Frequency restrict two,000 Hz
Effective mass 54 kg
one. Large force oil-film bearing is employed for better uniformity.
Vibration Controller and Accelerometer
Vibration Controller VT-9008-four 4 Channel Vibration Controller with Sine and Self Calibration.
Accelerometer   EA-YD-181 100mV/g, Variety: 50g, Working Freq.: 1-10kHz, Weight: 11gram, with 10ft low sound cable
Other supported features/add-ons
CZPTal chambers Supported
Mobile products Customizable
Insulation boards Customizable
Fixture Customizable
Doing work environment of the program
Temperature selection -40ºC
Humidity selection ~90% , no condensation
Electricity needs 380V/3ph/50Hz, 40kVA
Compressed air stress .6 Mpa

Our company Introduction:
HAIDA CZPT is a professional manufacturer of a variety of kinds of tests equipments above 24 several years. HAIDA goods are commonly utilised in paper products, packaging, ink printing, adhesive tapes, bags, footwear, leather merchandise, surroundings, toys, child products, components, digital goods, plastic products, rubber items and other industries, and applicable to all scientific research models, high quality inspection institutions and academic fields.

Simulation Animatronic Customer Triceratops are protected with air bubble film just before set them into the wood case, which not only has good shock absorption, affect resistance, heat sealing and also has the advantages of nontoxic, odorless, dampness corrosion, great transparency and so forth.


Programmable Vibration Test System