Wz Series Non-Clogging Wearing Resistant Passage Pump

Wz Series Non-Clogging Wearing Resistant Passage Pump

Brief introduction:

WZ collection non-clog pump is an up to date slurry pump of intertwine totally free and non-clog,it provides considerably less damage to pumping fluids.The exclusive layout of non-center located impeller,the impeller is not assembled in the volute casing. The fluid is not sent by the right by the impeller,the fluid gains the power from the vortex generated by the rotating impeller,then the fluid will be discharged out of pump without any blocking.


  1. Flow rate:Q=fifteen~480 (m³/h)
  2. Total head:H=ten~27 (m)
  3. Speed:n=980 /1450rpm
  4. S.g.:γ ≤1.five
  5. Temperature:T=~80ºC 
  6. Pump diameter:32~200mm


  1. The fluid is not delivered directly by the impeller,the fluid gains the energy from the vortex generated by the rotating impeller.
  2. Non-clog performance on pumping fluids with big particles.
  3. Intertwine free performance on pumping fluids with fibers and suspending materials.
  4. Non-stop performance on pumping fluids with air.
  5. The biggest solid in the fluid can be as big as 80% of the pump diameter,and the weight density is up to 60%.


  1. Horizontal,single stage cantilever structure.
  2. Axial suction and radial discharge,and the discharge can be rotated 90° to horizontal direction.
  3. Soft packing seal with high pressure shaft sealing water during operation.
  4. Directly driven by the motor through the couplings.
  5. Simple structure and easy maintenance.

Structure drawing is as below

1.Pump casing  2. Impeller   3. Stuffing box 4. Shaft sleeve  5. Pump shaft  6. Bracket  7. Pump coupling  8. Motor coupling



  1. Fluids with solids in the industries of gelatin,chemical fiber,paper-creating,sugar-making and food.
  2. Fluids with fibers in the industries of mines,metallurgy,power plant.
  3. Other sewage drainage purpose for chemical companies.


Wz Series Non-Clogging Wearing Resistant Passage Pump